Full Mint Box

  • $59.00


Try the whole range with one of each coffee! 

250g Choice Blend: A fantastic all-rounder coffee, The Choice Blend is mellow with a chocolatey, nutty base. Roasted for sweetness, The Choice Blend represents our overall coffee roasting style. It’s our signature blend for milk based drinks and is also enjoyed by black coffee drinkers.

250g Flash Blend: An excellent introduction to exotic coffee, The Flash Blend is a gateway to the world of interesting specialty beans! Its chocolatey base is complimented with a fruity edge. If you like this blend the next one to try is Pure As; our featured Single Origin. As with any coffee you will pick up the most nuanced flavours when brewed black but this one works with milk as well.

250g Decaf: Unlike traditional decaffeination which is achieved through high temperatures, pressure and chemicals, this coffee is decaffeinated using a natural by-product of sugar cane. This method is gentler on the coffee, helping the beans to retain flavour. It is also more ecologically responsible than traditional decaffeination processes as it can be done in the same region that the coffee is grown.

200g Pure As Featured Single Origin: Single origin coffees come from specific farms or even micro-lots within those farms. Our Pure As series features high quality single origin coffees that have been grown and processed with special care and attention to produce complex and layered flavours.  Single origins explore the limits of what coffee can be and provide an opportunity to experience the terroir of the origin (how the flavour of the coffee is affected by the growing conditions at its origin). You can brew a single origin with any method that you enjoy. We particularly love extracting these special flavours with an aeropress or syphon.